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unlock the potential
synapse formation in developing brain
1 year
5 years
16 years
receptive language /speech
higher cognitive function
seeing / hearing
Charles A. Nelson. Human brain development. University of Minnesota.


Traditional education methods do not meet the requirements of modern education. Indigo’s innovative approach and recommendations are based on scientifically proven approaches. We are in constant search for new ways of learning and select only the ideas. These we adapt making them optimally user-friendly. The Indigo system also takes into account the data received from its users, which allows it to further evolve.

INDIGO gathers the necessary information from the world body of professional literature on child development. It considers the individual character of your child to help you fulfill the physical and intellectual potential inherent in them. The most critical for this purpose are the first months and years of their lives.

medical and research centers

INDIGO based on research from leading centers of early childhood development

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